Two Decades of Uncompromising Defense Litigation

For 20 years Mordini Schwartz Vine has represented the insurance industry in every aspect of defense and claims-related litigation.  The firm has earned a reputation for passionate and straightforward advocacy when liability and exposure are on the line.  Insurance companies, self-insureds and third-party administrators hire Mordini Schwartz Vine with confidence knowing the firm is committed to providing high caliber legal services in a manner that is productive, cost-effective and honest.

The Benefits of Experience

Having represented businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local taverns, insurance industry clients look to Mordini Schwartz Vine for expert guidance and practical solutions at every stage of litigation.   Litigated files are handled by skilled attorneys with unparalleled knowledge and hands-on experience in every relevant aspect of law, procedure and industry practice. With years of experience defending an expansive and diverse array of individuals and businesses, Mordini Schwartz Vine has the ability to get the job done properly and without delay.

Effective Litigation Planning That Pays Off

The scope and depth of the firm’s knowledge translates into litigation planning and reporting that allows the client to make timely and informed decisions related to liability, severity and exposure.  Mordini Schwartz Vine guarantees a well thought-out litigation strategy based on practical knowledge accumulated over two decades of successful insurance defense practice.  The firm’s efficiency helps contain legal fees and promote communication between claims personnel and attorneys.